“KunoCoin is a platform to promote business globally using Wiki Investment.”

  • The platform covers a wide range of services; from basic information necessary to sustain overseas business startups and an investment environment to a framework aiding with the procedure to establish a company and any/all assistance that is required, such as company law, labor laws, tax systems, etc.

  • Our Vision is to accelerate the growth of a country where cross-border investment takes place by enhancing with useful visual information for business. In the near future, everyone will be able to modify the content of the website; a definitive version of investment information with an editing system of Wikipedia.


  • According to a research by the Tokyo Tax Accounting Corporation, the business enterprise value of Wiki-Investment Pte. Ltd. is 72,880,000,000 USD.

  • The business revenue growth has averaged 95% annually for the last three years of operation

  • An excellent client retention of 70% after three years post initial engagement is enjoyed by the enterprise.

  • 1,000,000 shares of common stock have been issued till date by the Company.

Key Features

Safety Features

With the carefully guarded encryption keys using the highest-grade security standards and the decentralized framework, this blockchain equipped technology is a paradigm of safety and security.

Global Payment

Kuno Coin provides a global payment platform for the users and also a utility debit card which ensures the ease of use. Unlike fiat currency, KUNOCOIN are globally recognized and can be used anywhere in the world.

Direct Investment-

The use of the blockchain technology enables investors from all around the world to either set up or invest in a local business, without going through the arduous legal processes that dictate investment in the present day.

Reputation System

Digital marketing of any product or organizations is incomplete without having a reputation system in place. KunoCoin boasts of a carefully crafted Reputation system which will make it easier for investors to do business with each other through this platform.

Wallet Encryption

Wallet encryption allows you to secure your wallet, so that you can view transactions and your account balance, but are required to enter your password before spending Kunocoin. This provides protection from wallet-stealing viruses and trojans as well as a sanity check before sending payments.


The platform will be developed using the money raised from the ICO. This will allow us to grow the venture exponentially in the following years, which in turn will improve the value of each token, resulting in substantial profits for the investors.



Registration of the Company.


Establishment of Wiki-Investment.

March 2018

Registration of coin name ‘KunoCoin’.

May 2018

Beginning of the development phase of the website and the web application.

August 2018

Initial KunoCoin Offering.

December 2019

Estimated date for achieving $9 million net cash flow.

December 2022

Target date for achieving the estimated Gross Revenue of $2 billion.

Why will we succeed?

    An ICO is one of the best and most secure ways to securitize assets. Even though the technology is relatively new, we have an in-depth knowledge about how it works, and with experts in the field of securitization abundant at our parent company, we are more than ready to make this venture a success. So here are the top reasons why KunoCoin will succeed:

  • We have a well-developed system in India as well as reliable consignees to whom we can outsource, the reason for us consistently outperforming others in terms of development speed, quality, and cost.

  • The parent company, Tokyo Consulting Group, boasts of an immense international network consisting of an efficient and dedicated staff of around 430 in 27 countries, which will be extremely helpful once we enter the real estate cloud funding and securitization market.

  • With the net worth of around 15 million USD, we have expanded dramatically to 27 countries in just a period of 20 years, establishing ourselves as the 11th best accounting firm in Japan. This reputation of the parent company will add to the value of KunoCoin.

  • With respect to the matching business of real estate, we already have know-how through real estate consulting and are familiar with the industry. In addition, we have a network of lawyers in each country and can deal with compliance problems through it.

Distribution of capital raised

The money raised through the ICO will be used to expand the business, generating more revenue and improving the brand value which in turn will result in the rise of the token value itself. The distribution of the capital will be as follows:

  • 30% Marketing: The major portion will be invested in the marketing of KunoCoin as it will help in generating more business.

  • 25% Platform Development: Our main aim is to keep the satisfaction levels of our investors high; hence, one-fourth of the capital will be invested in improving our technology.

  • 25% Legal and Admin: Since securitization is a highly regulated industry, we will spend one-fourth of the capital in making sure that all investments comply with every single business law in the country.

  • 20% Community Growth: Since, this venture is all about connecting various investors of the real estate market of Singapore, having a big community goes a long way in improving the quality and the quantity of the business that will go through us. Hence, one-fifth of the capital will be invested in Community Growth.


Our Team

Yasunari Kuno(CEO)
General Manager/CEO of Tokyo Consulting Group

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Yusuke Kobayashi(CFO)
Managing Director of Tokyo Consulting Firm Co., Ltd.

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Go Oyama
Business Manager of Wiki Investment in Japan

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Deepak Kaushik

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Kondo Takamasa
Legal Advisor

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Ankit Das
Web Expert & Lead Developer

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Sylvia Zhou
Business Development

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